Fairy Tales
Arte Veneziana

The absurd, the exaggerated, the maximalism of the openly Camp atmospheres combined with the evocative journey
into the world of fairy tales revisited in a Baroque style.
These are the ingredients of Fairy Tales, the third Capsule designed by Leo De Carlo and created by Arte Veneziana.
The undisputed protagonist is the mirror, painstakingly handmade that responds to the rule of excess. More is more.
This is how Frog Prince, Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty were born, hyper-engraved, hyper-decorated unique
pieces made in colours that wink at fashion and are well suited to minimal oreclectic interiors: environments in which
the search for the magical piece is king.

Frog Prince
Three levels mirror

Little Mermaid
Two levels mirror

Sleeping Beauty
Mirror with crests